Monday, July 22, 2013

Raven Girl by Audrey Niffenegger

In Raven Girl, Audrey Niffenegger (author of The Time Traveler's Wife) tells a story about the child of a raven and postman, a raven born in a girl's body who longs to fly. Written as a collaboration for a new ballet with Royal Ballet Resident Choreographer Wayne McGregor (Raven Girl ran May 24-June 8), gives us a fascinating new fairytale, deep, dark, and wonderful. Niffenegger's stunning and evocative illustrations support this beautiful narrative of longing and transformation. This modern and wholly new piece delivers a quiet heroin who seeks her own fulfillment, eschewing the savior white knight to subtly twist the trope. Our Raven Girl finds her peace through her own agency, with grace and determination.

We dwell within Niffenegger's world briefly in this short novelette, but the impact proves satisfying and her characters remain memorable, long after the cover is closed. A gorgeous book and story, with the depth to hold up to multiple readings, I highly recommend you add Raven Girl to your library.