Monday, August 6, 2012

Ahem. Hi. Erm…well, then...

SO…here we are. Or, rather, here I am. Blogging. Good lord.

My name is K. E. Bergdoll, writer, reader, and human. (Ignore all rumors to the contrary.) I'll also answer to Rook and Kate. After a more than a year practicing on Twitter, I’ve made the leap and finally built a proper blog. Yes, now you cyber-friends can hear my ramblings in more than a hundred and forty characters. I’ll try to be interesting. (Well. Let's just shoot for coherent, shall we?)

So, a bit about me is in order, I suppose. I’m twenty-five years old…aw, hell--check out my semi-amusing
bio. It'll be easier on both us.

Now, what will I be posting? Stuff about writing and books mostly. My intention is to post book reviews here on a fairly regular basis and I’ll also be promoting various things by other writers, because I’ve met some amazing people in the online writing community and spreading the word about their projects is a small thing to do. I will also likely post on various subjects making blogosphere rounds, and whatever nonsense catches my fancy. Because I like nonsense. Or complete randomness...I really do like randomness… Anyway, let’s cross that bridge when we come to it.

Earlier this year I became a reviewer for The Crow's Caw, a site dedicated to dark creepy-goodness in book form. It’s wonderful to have my name beside Bob Freeman, Nick Cato, Jordan Norton, Sheri White and our valiant leader, Jassen Bailey. I also post reviews to Goodreads, though Twitter is my favored hangout. (Come say hi)

As for my own work, I write largely dark fiction, though I’m an avid genre-hopper. I’m submitting short stories to various publications, collecting my rejection lumps with the grace required of a new writer—I like to think I take them rather well. I recently sent my first novel to its first reader. (Can you hear me trembling?) Upon its return, I shall begin work on the fourth draft, a process which will no doubt involve much of the cursing and staring into space that appears to be a necessary component of my process. I’m almost ready to talk about it. Almost. I will say it has serial killers. Yes, plural. Meanwhile, I've officially decided I am actually working on my second novel, which bears no resemblance to the first in genre or subject matter. And I'm definitely not ready to talk about novel #2 yet. Because I'm insecure secretive.

Okay, I think I'll quit while I'm ahead and say that does it for an introduction. I do hope to get better at this. I’ll be posting regularly, even if I have to dredge up YouTube videos of singing cats reenacting Star Wars to do it. Feel free to drop me a line in the comments, on Twitter, or send me an email. Thanks to everyone who reads and shares! ;-)


  1. Thank you, sir! I shall do my best!

    (oh, dear god, someone is actually anticipating my words…)

    K ;)

  2. Cute and amusing post, Kate! You're going to rock it, sista! Yay!