Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Bag and The Crow and Tom Piccirilli (new review!)

By now you'll likely have heard about writer Tom Piccirilli's battle with brain cancer, and the various efforts to raise funds for him. One such gesture comes from Crossroad Press who are donating the proceeds from all Piccirilli e-titles sold through them.

A few weeks ago Jassen Bailey told his The Bag and The Crow reviewers he'd (generously) like to purchase Tom Piccirilli ebooks from Crossroad Press for our January reviews--the hope being to highlight Piccirilli's work and fight, and Crossroad's generosity, and maybe push a few sales their way.

I, of course, thought this was an excellent idea and participated with enthusiasm. Jordan Norton's review of Fuckin' Lie Down Already went up a few days ago, and Jassen posted my review of Piccirilli's Nightjack last night. (This is my first review since Jassen moved the review team over from The Crow's Caw, so take a look around the site while you're there.)

So, check out The Bag and The Crow's month of Tom Piccirilli reviews and please spread the word!

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